Tuesday, May 5, 2009

may 5

Temperature was 56 F, winds 8 mph from the south at 6:53 am.  It was mostly cloudy.  The start of the bike path:

After exercise class, I rode home along the lake.  It was partly cloudy and the lighting on the Yahara river was very nice.

Passing Starkweather Creek I saw this guy.  They usually disappear from view quickly, but he must not have seen me and stuck around for awhile.  Is that a beaver tail?  

Here's another shot.  Not sure what he is.

And here's a picture to log the leafing of the trees, on the final hill to the house:

The magnolia tree halfway up the hill is almost done:

Tomorrow I'm going to try out a different schedule because I have not been getting enough work done!  So I will try going to afternoon exercise classes...


  1. I sometimes see these same little critters in the lagoon at Tenney Park. I thought is was a beaver at first too but it has a skinny tail. I learned later that it was a muskrat. They're fun to watch.

  2. oh yes, you are right. I saw one on the shore once too. thanks!