Tuesday, May 12, 2009

may 11

I'm still adjusting to my schedule change.  I miss my morning exercise classes--the classmates and teachers.  That's the hardest part.   The rest is probably an improvement, especially for work, but also for having more relaxing evenings.   Here's the start of the bike path 3:30 pm:

Temperature was a cool 60 F and winds were calm.  Pretty nice.
Oh, here's an advantage to the afternoon schedule (on Monday anyway): a yoga class follows my "body power" class so I can do both and it doesn't take too much time or make me too tired.  
After that I went grocery shopping and rode home by the lake.  
Here's my favorite spot.  Every day I think, oh this looks so nice in the lighting---it probably looks the same as yesterday but it seems fresh to me.

Temperature was still 60, winds 5 mph from the WSW.  The lighting on the lake is nice in the evening.


  1. I am so jealous! -bob k.

  2. haha, you found my blogs! you're still clever for an old man. So am I still young for another year?