Wednesday, May 13, 2009

may 12

I had lots of places to go yesterday afternoon, and got to do it all on my bike.  nice. 
It was 67 degrees F, with winds 18 mph, from the South, gusting to 26 mph!   Fortunately, my first stop was to the north where I got my haircut.  
Start of the bike path:

I didn't take anymore pictures, but it was a nice afternoon.  My second appointment was at the gym.  I was early so didn't mind riding a bit into the wind.  I stopped at the Yahara river and read some work stuff for about 15 minutes.  Let's see, at this time, 3:53 pm, temperature was 70, winds 23 mph from the SSE gusting to 32.2.   We did our workout outside, which was great.    Then I went to my church for a couple of meetings.  I didn't have time to shower, I wonder if I stank.  I was in a hurry but now I had a tailwind.    I got home at 10 pm, was riding into the wind, still 17 mph from the South, but it was pleasant.  Night-time rides are always pleasant.  But then, so are daytime rides.

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