Sunday, May 3, 2009

may 3

Today was a gorgeous spring day.  It was about 55 F, winds 5 mph from the NW when I started out at 8:20 am.   I was late so got some exercise trying to ride as fast as possible to my first destination.  Then at 10:45 I was late again to my second destination so rode fast, and then got stuck waiting for a train.  Fortunately, on a bike, you don't have to wait behind 20 cars.  I ate an apple while waiting.  At this time, temperature was 62 F, winds 8 mph from the west.  

When I left for home at 1 pm, temperature was 66 F, winds 6 mph.  Oh but then I saw someone I knew at cafe zoma (newly opened again!) so I didn't get home until after 2 pm.   What a lovely lovely day.  After eating lunch, I sat out on the deck and dozed and read.  

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