Thursday, May 14, 2009

may 13

Lots of places to go again today, rain in the forecast, no preparation for it, only my shoes got wet, and they needed a washing anyway.
The start of the bike path at 4 pm:

Temperature was 63 F, winds south at 10 mph, gusting to 23.    It was a tailwind at first, which was good because I was late; then a partial headwind but not bad.  The humidity was nice.

After yoga I headed over to church for a meeting and a work night of painting.  Temperature was 63 F again, winds south at 8 mph.  This was a mostly tailwind, yes!  good because I was late again.  Fortunately there is another great bike path to get me most of the way.  It goes along the Yahara river, under E. Wash, then jogs over to the railroad tracks on Johnson St.  Then I get on the sidewalk and cross a bad intersection at First street, where the cars are turning right from Johnson, and there's a sign that tells them yield to pedestrians but it's dangerous to assume they are going to yield to me.   

Then I was inside for 3.5 hours during which time we had a whole bunch of thunderstorms with 1.2" of rain.  I heard the thunder but it was muffled.  Fortunately it stopped when I left at 9:30 pm.  Temperature was 64 F, winds decreased from 25 to 10 mph from NW during my ride home, gusting to 35.  This was mostly a tailwind.  ha!  I love it when I get tailwinds coming and going.   It was a pleasant ride home.  There was one large puddle that went over my pedals, and my shoes got a soaking.  But they were my muddy paint/garden shoes so it was a good thing.

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