Thursday, May 21, 2009

may 21

Today I brought along a good camera and binoculars but struck out on the bird sightings.  However, the flowering plant sightings were enjoyable.   These lilac bushes struck me because they were so full of flowers--way more than the one in my yard.  I've never seen so many flowers on one bush before.  Or maybe I just never noticed before...

Here's the start of the bike path at 3:30 pm.  Temperature was 77 F, winds 8 mph from the NNW, so a headwind for the first half of the ride but not bad.  

Another bursting lilac bush:

And another.  And of course, they smell great.

On the way home, I stopped to look for the peregrine falcons but they didn't show up.  I ate an apple and hung out for about 10 minutes, then headed home.   Temperature was 71 F, winds 13 mph from the North, so again a headwind on the first half of the ride, but a slight tailwind on the last half.

Here's some more flowering bushes.  I thought theses were honeysuckle but they don't look quite like the wikipedia version and they weren't fragrant like the white flowers are.

Here's a closer view:

Flocks are in bloom.

And these white flowers:

a closeup:

I guess I'll have to add flowers and plants to my list of things to learn.  

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