Sunday, August 28, 2011

Mountain Biking Kansas City area

I visited my family last weekend and rode a pretty good mountain biking trail.  I would definitely do it again.  This was the Smithville Lake trail.  One reason to do it is that my sister and brother-in-law like to take their fishing boat there so I can ride while they fish, which is what we did.  Actually it was kind of humorous:  we went for a ride in the boat, then realized the mountain biking trails were in another place, so we put the bike in the boat and went to a dock close to the trails (sailboat cove).  Here's a link to the biking map:
I rode most of it except for lakeside speedway which was closed because it was too wet.  One irritating thing that I suppose you could say was amusing in retrospect was that I was the first one on some of the trails in a 2 days probably because of the big rains they had (2 days previous), and I got "attacked" by spider webs.  oh my god, it was awful.  giant spider webs.  Obviously I ran into them but it felt like an attack.   Then this guy passed me and I said, "oh good, you get to eat the spider webs now!" and sure enough, my attacks ceased, for a little while anyway, then he must have veared onto another path.

We also drove to Stocksdale park in Liberty, which I would like to try next time.  It is not too far from my parents or my sister's house.  
Here is a link to the trails in the area:

Levis/Trow Mound Recreation Area

This is a great mountain biking area, but it's a 2.5 hour drive from home, so I think I'd just go here once a year.  Here's a description of the area:
with a link to the map.
I took snodgrass, lower glen, yellow jacket, out to trow mound, then the sidewinder and upper hermosa which were the most fun and technical.  Followed lower hermosa back, got on to lower glen, intended to take upper glen to do part of levis mound but missed the turn and ended up back on snodgrass to return.  Next time I think I'll start out the same, but come back on dead turkey after lower hermosa, and get on some of the technical trails on levis mound.

This is supposed to be some of the finest mountain biking in the midwest.  I thought it was great but not a heck of a lot better than my favorites close to home:  camrock, and john muir.