Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Camrock area #3

After returning from my trip out west I decided to compare the home turf.   Here's my report on camrock.  It is located about 20 miles from my house.  I think it was built by the Capital Off Road Pathfinders.  They are awesome.  I joined and will try to start going to their work days because they do great stuff!  Here is their terse description of this trail.   I rode most of it except for the "most difficult" section.  I am still avoiding those as my left arm is not full strength yet after breaking my elbow this winter.  Actually the main reason is that I reallly really don't want to get hurt again and spend 2 months healing; so I'm being extra cautious.  And the "more difficult" routes are plenty fun and challenging.

This trail is really fun.  There is a fair amount of easy stuff, but plenty of challenging stuff too.  But what I like about it most is that it was built for mountain biking by mountain bikers.  It's hard to rank all the trails I rode on my trip out west.  This one is right up there because of the care in making these trails.  They are just fun.  Most of the trails I rode out west were just trails that they allow bikes on.  They are really fun to go down on but don't have all the fun curves and wiggles and single-track and berms that we have right here in cam-rock.  So this trail is right up there in fun!  and it's only a 30 minute drive from my house.

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