Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sandia -- Cedro Area, Albuquerque, NM

I'm also jealous of people who live in Albuquerque (see my post about Flagstaff).  What a choice of both mountain biking and road biking they have; and not just here, all over the state.  I love New Mexico.  Though I have to admit, I do love the green of the midwest, perhaps a little bit more.   There were so many rides on it was hard to know what to pick.  I got lucky and picked a good region.  On the way out, the weather was pretty bad, and we stopped at a ranger station to get more info.  It was closed, but some bikers informed me that this is definitely the best place to bike, when the weather improves.  Fortunately on the way home, the weather was just fine and the ranger station was open.  

I did two 45-minute rides here.  The first was an out and back on Otera Canyon.  Here's the start up the trail:

Next time I will follow the ranger's advice and go out on trail 05236 (236) and return on 05056 (56).  I was concerned I might miss some turns but I understand the trails and land better now.   Trail 56 didn't have as much scenery as 236, but the return downhill was a blast.

My second ride was Tunnel canyon.  I rode on trail 05145 (145) and Marilyn met me at the end.  I rode backwards from the suggestion but it was slightly more downhill and I had someone to pick me up at the end.  This was a blast!   It had a steep uphill climb, a nice view,

and then a blast of a downhill.   What fun this was.  

There are many other places to ride in at Albuquerque.  Next time I will probably check out the foothills region just down the highway from here, and the Petroglyphs national monument down in the valley.

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