Sunday, May 15, 2011

Last ride of the trip--Castlewood State Park near St. Louis, MO

We got lucky finding this one.  At Sac River, I was chatting with some guys, getting advice about the trails, and telling them about my trip.  They said, if you go through St. Louis, I hear Castlewood has some great trails.    So we got to our hotel that night, in Fenton, MO, west of St. Louis, and Marilyn, who has a good memory, googled "castlewood" and said, "Hey there's a Castlewood State Park just 7 miles from here."  So the next morning, instead of sitting in rush-hour traffic, we went to Castlewood and I had a wonderful 1.5 hour ride on the Grotpeter trail.  I added on to it by going up a connector trail, now what was that called (Park office connector?  it was the one to the left), anyway, I went up that, then rode around the full loop, and came back down the connector trail.  The connector trail is worth adding because it's very pretty and it's fun single-track, and the downhill at the end is a blast.

I had to dodge 3 turtles on the trail:

The woods were lovely:

Here's the fun connector trail:

We still got home before 5 pm, unpacked the car, and sat on the deck to relax, before then weather turned ugly again.  Spring has been stubborn to arrive in Wisconsin this year.  I'm hoping to ride Camrock tomorrow as we have a Furlough day at work.

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