Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sac River Trail, Springfield, MO

This is an example of reclaiming perhaps undesirable land and turning it into fun.  It's located next to a wastewater treatment plant.  I found this on  It was green!  I think I must be a midwesterner because even though mountain biking out west is a blast,  the green and even the humidity was ever so welcome to me.  And there were pretty white flowers too:

This was near the beginning of the trail:

It looks deceivingly sweet.  Then it got rocky and pebbly, and steep and very too bumpy.  It was a bit too much because it was hard to go fast downhill.  I think I will go the opposite direction next time and I might get more fun downhills.  Also there were many many trails and loops and maybe I just got unlucky and rode some of the worst ones.  Still it was fun and I would do it again.  Here's the Sac River, towards the end of my ride (beginning if I do it the other way around):

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