Thursday, May 14, 2009

may 14

I saw a peregrine falcon today!   I read about it in the newspaper.  They built a nest on top of the Blount Street coal plant and it finally attracted a pair of the falcons.   You can see it from, where else, the bike path!   I go by this on the way to my exercise class.  Here's the nest in the tiny little dark box in between the smoke stacks:

Here's a 'closeup' of the falcon.  Okay, you can barely see it.  I'm going to start bringing my binoculars!    This was about 6:15 pm (for future reference--I've been looking for about a week).

Okay, here's the usual start of the bike path:

It was 62 F at 3:30 pm, winds 13 mph from the WNW, so mostly a headwind.   On my return ride it was 63 F, winds down to 4 mph, so not much tailwind.  darn.

Starkweather creek is higher than usual after last night's rain.  

Here's the puddle I went through last night only it was much much bigger then.

We lost a branch from last night's storm.  wah.

It is that beautiful time of year.  The grass and leaves are "spring green."  There's nothing like it.

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