Friday, January 30, 2009

Jan. 30 ride

Today was even brighter than yesterday due to clear skies and being a few minutes late getting out the door.  Temperature was -1 degree F, winds 5 mph from the west.  A cold front went through last night but thankfully the winds died down this morning. 
Here are some pictures of the progression from dawn to sunrise.  Here's dawn, looking back towards the south east:

Here's the Thai pavillion (Olbrich gardens) in the dawn light:

Here's looking towards the northwest:

Near the end of the ride, looking towards the west, the sun is shining on the capital:

On the way home, it is very bright with the sun and white snow.  

The hill up to my house:

Housemate reminded me that we go on daylight savings time on March 7, when sunrise will revert to 7:21 am.  Ack!   But it will move quickly, reaching 7 am by March 20.  March 20.  That is a long ways away.  So I guess I'd better enjoy the dawn light.

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