Monday, January 26, 2009

Jan. 26 ride

It's definitely lighter at 7 am.  yes!  Sunrise is 7:18 am now.   It was 3 degrees F with calm winds when I left.  I wore my goggles both ways.  It keeps me much warmer.  On the way home it was 7 F, with winds 7 mph from the NW (tailwind on the last 2 miles home).  The sun was trying to poke through a thin layer of clouds.  This picture is underexposed but still looks kind of cool:

I'm still fascinated by the grodyness of my chain, but these pictures don't show the color the same as on my computer, not as orange.


  1. Your photos remind me of my daily commute when I lived in Philadelphia. I commuted to work and back 3-4 times per week. The weather looks similar to what we had in the winter. It probably was in the 20's rather than below zero though! I rode a mountain bike with knobby tires. Getting out the door in the morning was a challenge, but what resulted was some of my most memorable rides. Somewhere I still have pictures of me all bundled up riding through the snow.

    I admire you for doing this every day.

  2. I cringe when people say they admire me for doing this. Did people admire you when you rode in Philly? I just like riding my bike and getting outside--it's become a little daily adventure/vacation for me. I admit I also dislike our car culture. But I don't dislike the people who drive cars--except when they are mean to me. :)

  3. Yes, my sons were in awe that I would ride my bike through the snow. I agree with the adventure/vacation part. It didn't seem like any big deal to me. I loved it. I have lots of problems with our culture, but that is a discussion for another time.