Monday, January 12, 2009

Jan. 12 ride

I'm back from my trip.  I was in LA and Longbeach, CA for work, followed by a family visit to the suburbs of Kansas City.  I have to say, my commute is no more insane and a lot more fun than what I saw on my trip.   Today it was 0 degrees F when I left and there were ice crystals in the air.  They weren't obvious until I snapped this picture with the flash.   
Cool.  I'm surprised it looks so turbulent.  Well, the flash is reflecting off the nearby crystals, and maybe my arrival on the scene disturbed the nearby air. The moon is up at the left of the picture.  Sunrise has finally moved to 7:28 am (having sat at 7:29 am for the last two weeks!).   But it's going to start moving more quickly now, according to this website.   This week is supposed to get really cold, so I'll wait until next week to start thinking about spring.   Commute was nice, especially on the way home.   The haze and frost and sun barely showing through the clouds was nice.  I was too cold to snap a picture though.  It's good to be back.

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