Monday, January 19, 2009

ahhh, jan. 19 ride

This weekend I ventured back into auto-world.  I admit it was convenient and I was tired and I was able to get a lot of groceries.  And it's good to remind yourself how to drive--or is it?--especially to wait for the light to turn green before going!  But I could already feel winter depression setting in this morning so I was glad to get back on the bike.  It was a beautiful day and lovely ride (is it ever not?).   Biking in this beautiful sunshine is the best cure for winter depression.  I was still low-energy today (perhaps my body is fighting off the cold my housemate has--I hope it wins!), so I went to yoga instead of exercise class.  Since that's an hour later, I got to ride in the sunshine both ways, yea!  It's also convenient to a more scenic route home so I rode by the lake at a leisurely pace and got passed by a jogger.  Yeah, I am a wimp and I don't care!  It was 5 degree F when I left, winds 6 mph from the NW.  That felt balmy compared to last week.  I got to wear lighter clothes, my pink jacket and lightweight outer pants.  My goggles didn't fog.  So they only seem to fog when it's really cold (below -10 F).  On the way home it was a toasty 12 degrees F, winds NW at 9 mph, which was mostly a tailwind.

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