Thursday, January 15, 2009

Jan 15

Today I got a late start because housemate and I were arguing about whether I should ride the bike.  I won, barely, and she insists I can't ride tomorrow, which I will have to argue with again.  Maybe I should get up 10 minutes earlier just for the argument.   As the picture shows, it was lighter out than usual since I was late.  It was -14 degrees F with winds about 7 mph from the NW.  The wind chill must have been below -25 F since all the schools were cancelled.  I got quite warm in that big coat.  On the way home, it felt too warm.  I'd like to downgrade to my other jacket but I'm being cautious right now.  I added an extra thin face mask to my head gear.  It made my goggles fog up, so I cut a hole in the mouth at the gym.  They still fogged a bit on the way home but not as bad.  Tomorrow I'll try rubbing them with some anti-fog cloth that came with them.  My feet got cold.  I came up with a solution that I hope I can try out tomorrow.  I have these polartec socks that I can wear over my wool socks.  I bought my boots too big on purpose so I could wear more socks, so maybe this will work:
Forecast is for colder and windier.  Oh, I think my bike doesn't work as well in the cold.  I feel like I'm going against the wind even when it's not windy.  I wonder if the wheels are not smoothly turning.  Maybe the grease is too thick.  

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