Friday, January 16, 2009

Jan. 16 ride

oops, the picture is blurry.  It was a little lighter today, both because I was a bit late and the sun is rising a wee bit earlier.  

Today was a fabulous morning.  The forecast last night was for 20 below 0 (F) and strong winds so I did consider not biking last night.  I decided to get everything ready just in case.  I had another appointment this morning so if not for that, I might have just stayed in bed and took the day off from riding.  i.e., if the choice is riding or staying home, I might stay home.  But if the choice is driving or riding since I have this other appointment...god I hate godawful boring and cold, plus the car barely works itself in this weather and the heater takes forever to warm up.  I set the alarm for 5 minutes early to account for the argument I might have with housemate.  Okay, so I got up and checked the weather and it was -16F and no wind!  That's way different from -20 F and strong winds.  So I decided it was a go.  I had a 10 minute argument with housemate, so was a little late, but I just missed a few minutes of warm up at my class, and I was plenty warmed up.  The ride was very quiet and peaceful, no wind, clear skies, and I got hot in that big coat.  I think I'm not going to wear this coat anymore even if it's cold.   My feet were only a little cold and didn't make me worry like they did yesterday, so I consider that problem solved.  My goggles only fogged a bit.  I wiped them with this rag that came with them and that seems to work.  I don't know why.  The workout was great, and so was my appoinment (a massage, ha!).  Then the ride home was lovely in the bright sunshine, and the winds picked up, but it was a tailwind!  ha.  Housemate is now convinced that I'm crazy, and will have nothing to do with me.  I told her that I prayed to the snow plow and wind and safety gods, and that didn't help the situation.


  1. Thanks for sharing your experiences! I'm also trying to commute by bike this winter in Madtown. I chickened out the last couple of days, but I am heartened by your commitment! The bike paths are wonderful aren't they?

  2. Hi LHT! thanks for commenting. I went out tonight and drove my car and walked (went to the UW hockey game) and I was colder than I am on my bike. It was an interesting contrast. You'd think you'd be colder on the bike. But the face mask and goggles must make all the difference, for me anyway. Next week should warm up, right? Happy biking!