Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Jan. 14 ride

We got about 1-2" of snow overnight but thankfully the bike path was plowed.  All praise the Bike Path Plow Gods!  I decided to go to yoga class on Wednesday and that starts an hour later than my other class so I get to ride in daylight, yea!   It was about 1 degree F with winds out of the northeast about 15 mph and still some flurries falling.  Fortunately that wasn't a headwind until my ride home--and only on half the ride.  I'm kind of glad my route goes in two directions (first northwest, then southwest on the trip out), because then I don't get a direct headwind on the entire route.   I had my full gear on and I was hot!  Except for my toes.  I gotta do something about the toes.  Getting my core hot does keep my fingers warm but I get sweaty and that starts making my goggles fog--otherwise, they don't fog at all even over glasses.  However, tomorrow and the next day are going to be frickin' cold so I will wear the full gear for two more days.  I'll post about the gear next.  

It cleared up nicely during yoga and was a beautiful ride home, even with the headwind.  At left in this picture are the railroad tracks next to the bike path.  I guess they plow those too.

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