Wednesday, January 14, 2009

really cold weather outfit

Here's what I wear on the really cold and windy days (below -10 F), from bottom to top.  
Two pairs of wool socks and Sorel cold weather boots.  They are pretty lightweight.  But my feet still get really cold when it's below 0 degrees F:

My REI polartec pants.  These have extra stretching at the knees and zippers for ventilation--great for biking and expensive.  But around late Nov., early Dec. they have this great winter sale when you can buy this stuff more cheaply.

My snowpants.  I don't like biking in these.  I only wear these when it's really cold, like below -5 F.  They are bulky.  But warm.  I also got these on sale at REI.

My REI outerwear pants.  Great again because they stretch in the right places, knees, and butt, and are mostly waterproof.  I wear these when it's not too cold.

my exercise shirt:

a polartek jacket

a lightweight down vest.  This thing is so warm it's amazing.  got it at Eddie Bauer, on sale.  (yes I am a ridiculous consumer--I should be shopping at 2nd hand stores!)

my big bulky down jacket that I got about 15 years ago.  I prefer not biking in this, because it's bulky and hot. Today I wore it when it was 0 degrees F and windy, and it was too warm!  But tomorrow is supposed to be -20F and windy so I think it'll be cool enough for this baby  (housemate is currently saying I can't bike tomorrow but I really want to try it).

my preferred lighter-weight jacket:

I attach a blinking light to the back on the dark mornings:

My gloves, some a pair of $3 knit gloves as liners to the mittens.  I need something warmer than this.  

My face gear.  white hat goes on first.  then face mask--has holes for nose and mouth, then helmet.  it's covered with a gore-tex "shower cap" that I got at a bike store one day when it was raining--it's a good wind protector.  Then I put my motocross over-the-glasses goggle on.  This works well and keeps the warmth in.  As long as I don't sweat too much, the goggles don't fog up.    Here's a picture of me with the head-gear on.

Most bikers don't dress this warm but I am a wimp who doesn't bike very fast (so don't generate a ton of heat) and I don't have much body fat so I get cold really easily.  

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