Monday, December 22, 2008

dec. 22

Today it was -7 F (-22 C) when I rode. But it was sunny and not windy. This is the coldest I've biked in. The picture at left is from Dec. 23 (tomorrow), but it shows my new goggles, which kept me warm today. These are motocross over-the-glasses large goggles that I can wear over my helmet (and glasses). The goggles and the face mask covered all my skin. My face mask has a hole under my nose and a few small holes around the mouth. I have less fog on my glasses with the goggles than without--previously steam from the face mask went into my glasses. The goggles not only protect me from frostbite, but I've discovered they prevent a huge amount of heat loss. Now my big down coat is too warm and I arrive at my destination sweaty, even at -7 F! The bike path was a bit rough because of the strong winds that blew drifts from the previous snow storm. But they were replowed by the time I rode home. The city does a great job keeping the paths clear. It was a beautiful day.

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