Wednesday, December 31, 2008

dec. 31 ride

Today I wasn't going to ride my bike but 2 other plans fell through so I got to go to yoga class, yea!   It was 1 degree F when I left so I wore the goggles to keep me warm.  I wore my thicker ski pants too, and my coldest weather boots and mittens.  My hands and feet always get a bit cold but I can warm them up by biking harder.  I didn't wear my coldest-weather coat because I get too warm in that.  I can definitely tell where the air leaks are on days like today.  There's one at my throat and at the bottom of my pants.  Gators would take care of the latter but I don't want to hassle with them.  I'll save them for -15 F.  Here's the start of the bike path, as usual.  I'm going to go with smaller pictures to save disk space and upload/download times.  I saw a cute muskrat by Starkweather creek on the way home but he ran away by the time I got the camera out.   As usual, a lovely day and a lovely bike ride.  I say this every day.

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