Sunday, December 28, 2008

dec 28 ride

Today started out about 18 degrees F and a bit windy from the west (about 15 mph).  We had an inch or so of snow over the frozen water from yesterday's rain.  So I was a bit concerned about how the biking would be.  Well, I'm so glad I biked.  It was a beautiful sunny day with blue sky and a blanket of fresh white snow.  Even though the bike paths weren't plowed, the studded tires handled the snow/ice fine and the winds weren't so bad as I was mostly going north this morning.  Then this afternoon on my way home, it was just beautiful.  I rode by the lake and it was nice.  I forgot to put my memory card in the camera so didn't take any pictures until I got home.   Biking was easier than walking today so it was a great way to get outside and enjoy the sunshine.  My bike started out a bit cranky since it froze up after getting soaked yesterday.  The gears were stuck in a low gear.  But they loosened up in the afternoon.  I put them in my middle gear in the rear so they will be stuck there for most of the winter.  Fortunately the front gear works okay (with a little help from my foot) so I can switch to my granny gear to go up the hill to my house.  Here's the view down the hill from my house.

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