Monday, December 29, 2008

dec. 29 ride

Today the forecast was for high winds with gusts as high as 40 mph.  Winds are the hardest thing to deal with on a bike (for me) besides several inches heavy snow, which is definitely worse.  But the winds were a great helper today.  I had a relatively light headwind on my trip out, and a huge tailwind on my trip home.  It was another beautiful day with clear skies and temperatures in the 30s, and my gears even sort of worked.   Here's my car with frost on it, more proof of the superiority of the bike, which doesn't require scraping.  If I didn't have a ping-pong table in the garage, I could park the car in there, but the ping-pong table is definitely higher priority.The start of the bike path.  Plans changed a few times this morning so I started my ride an hour later than usual, after the sun rose, which was very nice.
On the way home, I rode by the lake.  I should go by the lake more often, but the side roads are usually not in as good shape as the bike path for winter riding.
I liked the way the ice formed in the gully by the bike path.


  1. Wow! and I complain about riding in Atlanta when it is 40 degrees and no snow.


  2. haha, well, I didn't use to do this, but last winter we had so much snow that I went 2 months without riding and couldn't stand it anymore, so I started biking in the worst of the snow and ice. I realized if I could do that, I could do it throughout winter. So here I am. It makes winter much more enjoyable.