Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Jan 13 ride

It started out at 1 degree F and strong northwest wind which is a headwind for the first half of my ride.  I had all my warm clothes on including the goggles.  On the way home it was even colder but the winds were lighter.   Today's ride seemed slow.  Maybe the bike didn't want to go, the path seemed to have more friction, and I was wearing all those clothes.  My warmest jacket seems to weight a lot.  We had 3" of snow yesterday but it was plowed this morning.   But it was still better than driving.  I drove tonight to a meeting and froze.  I get colder in the car than on bike.  I don't have a great heater for one thing.  Oh, my feet got cold on the bike on the way home.  I could use some heated socks.  It's supposed to snow again overnight.  I hope I can bike tomorrow.

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