Thursday, January 22, 2009

Jan 22 ride

I've been very tired this week so I decided not to go to exercise class this morning.  I haven't been blogging long enough for you to realize how shocking this is.  My version of reality doesn't conceive of this as an option usually.  It's like eating.  We like to eat 3 meals a day, and I like to go to my exercise class every weekday morning.  But I've really been dragging this week, maybe fighting off the cold that housemate got.  So today I slept in an extra 45 minutes and it felt good.  But then I got up at 7 am and looked out the window and it looked so peaceful in the light morning fog, and I was sad I was not riding my bike.  Fortunately I had errands to run.  My rule is that my first trip of the day should be on my bike and then if I want to drive the car on future trips, okay.  I had to lug a gallon jug of paint stripper (to remove some graffiti from brick), but it wasn't any worse than a load of groceries.  It was a balmy 16 degrees F when I left, with winds 6 mph from the south, mostly a tailwind where I was headed.  A few hours later (after haircut and graffiti removal) it was 27 degrees F!   (that's why I chose today to try the graffiti removal).   Here's the start of the bike path at 9:30 am.   Another sunny day!


  1. Barb,

    You have inspired me to take my camera along on my training rides. Your pictures are terrific.


  2. I look forward to seeing your pictures!

  3. I have started to post pictures in My Training Journal, which is linked to my lifestyle blog.