Friday, February 27, 2009

Feb 27 ride

Today was one of those days where I wondered if I was crazy to ride my bike. You'll be happy to know the answer is no. We had a lot of rain yesterday, and then it got cold again and dropped some hail or sleet just to finish it off. So we had a rime ice layer on everything. Reason to ride my bike: My car was covered with ice and who wants to scrape that off? Reason to not ride my bike: It's cold, windy and there is a rime ice layer on everything. I decided if it's too slippery I will return and drive the car. Well, it was no problem for the studded tires. Temperature was 15 degrees F with winds from the north at 16 gusting to 25 mph at 7:50 am when I left. I wore my goggles because of the headwinds at the start of the ride. Here is my driveway:

close-up of the ice:

The road down from my house:

and the start of the bike path:

On the way home, it was still cold but the sun came out and started melting the ice. Temperature was 18 degrees F, winds 14 gusting to 25 mph, from the north. It was a nice ride home, with a crosswind part of the way and part tailwind the rest. I stopped at the co-op, a kitchen store, and hardware store, all within a few blocks from the yoga studio. I love being able to do my errands on the bike.

Most of the ice is gone from the bike path:

As usual, the road I live on is in the worst shape.

A shiny layer of ice still remains on the roofs and yard but they will melt soon.

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