Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Feb. 18 ride

I went to yoga today so left at 7:50 am.  We only got a dusting of snow overnight, fortunately.  Temperature was 33 F and winds 3 mph from the NNW.  Balmy!  Afterwards I went grocery shopping and decided to ride along the lake even though it's a hillier route.  But it seemed like a good day to check out the lake.  Temperature was still 33 F, winds still 3 mph from the North.   

Here are some lake pictures:

I can never resist taking pictures of ducks. 

This route has more snow obstacles in the winter (due to some bike-only shortcuts), but they are almost gone:

I think these are squirrel tracks.  They are only about an inch in size.

In the afternoon it got cold, windy and snowed some more, so I'm glad I got out during the nicer part of the day!

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