Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Feb. 17 ride

The sun has done it job while I was on my trip and continued to rise earlier every morning so now rises about the time I leave, 6:50 am.  It is very nice.  Today the temperature was 27 F at 6:53 am!  Winds were from the South at 8 mph.   On the way home, much later at 11:30 am, the temperature was up the 35 F and winds 9 mph.  No wonder I was warm even though I wore a lighter sweater and jacket and boots.   The winds weren't a direct headwind so the ride home was pleasant, as was the ride out.  

Snow is forecast for tomorrow.  Sometime I'd like to ignore forecasts and just see if you can tell by the winds and feel of the air if fronts are changing.  Plus it might be more fun to be surprised.  But it's impossible to avoid weather forecasts especially of snowstorms, because everyone talks about it.

I continue to be fascinated by the condition of my poor bike.  I did oil the chain yesterday.  It won't be long before I can switch to my other bike (yeah, wishful thinking) and take this one in for a good cleaning and tune-up.  My kickstand was brand new a few months ago and it creaks like it's 10 years old.


  1. Does Madison still salt the hell out of the roads in winter? If so, that must be playing havoc with your poor bike -- especially components with aluminum in them. (Off-topic but related: the worst thing you can do to an aluminized telescope mirror is live near the ocean. The salt in the air from the beach spray spreads many miles and shortens coating life drastically.)

  2. Hi Marc!! yes, Madison salts the hell out of the roads. I don't know if they salt the bike path as much though. I'm not sure. I didn't realize aluminum is more susceptible to corrosion. I think I have an aluminum frame--it's a Cannondale. Well, I'm pretty impressed with how everything still works. The gears don't work when they get wet and cold, but otherwise the bike is holding up well. :)

  3. You probably won't want to hear this, but a rub-down at the end of the day and keeping things generally clean and well-lubed would be a good thing. Also, and probably more important, make sure of the integrity of the paint on your frame (esp. bottom bracket and tube joints) -- cracks, flakes, chips let the evil scrunge in. I keep a little bottle of like-colored enamel on hand for those. I read that years ago in a biking magazine; seemed like good advice.

  4. You are right. I will start doing this more.