Monday, February 23, 2009

Feb. 23 ride

It was cold this morning, 1 degree F when I left for yoga at 7:50 am.  But winds were calm and it was sunny, so a nice ride as usual.  The start of the bike path:

Starkweather creek:

Yahara river, lined with ducks on the little ice patches on the edge.

A zoom of the ducks, but still hard to see.  Even they looked cold, or else they were just sleeping.  Their heads were tucked around.

On the return at 10:30 am, the temperature was 15 degrees F!  Wow, that's a big change.  Winds from the east a 3.5 mph.   The ducks were still hugging the edge of the Yahara river.  


  1. LOL! Still a sucker for ducks twenty plus years later!

  2. I know, I can't resist the ducks! I always quack at them.