Friday, February 6, 2009

Feb. 5 ride

Bike path at about 6:50 am.  Sunrise is now 7:07 am.  Temperature was 7 degrees F, winds 13 mph from the south!  so a tailwind on the first half of the ride, headwind on the second.  After class and grocery shopping, loaded up with groceries, the temperature was up to 15 F, winds 17, gusting to 24 mph.  So I had a headwind on the way home and guess what, I didn't mind.  Why you ask?  Because I had to hole up in my home office and work on a big deadline.  So I relished the ride even more than usual.  so let's stop at the Yahara river and check that out.  looking towards the southeast:

looking towards the northwest

and then of course the cute ducks:

Oh well, at least my home office isn't so bad:

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