Wednesday, February 25, 2009

feb 25 ride

It started off cloudy with rain threatening, but never came to pass.  Temperature was 36 degrees F when I left at 7:45 am, winds 9 mph from the south.  

Here's a couple of duck pictures for Marc:

I stopped for groceries after yoga--the co-op is almost next door so very convenient.  The clouds started to clear on my ride home.  Temperature was 40 degrees (!) and winds 9 mph from the SSW.  No wonder I was toasty.  Here's the final hill home, house is at the top.

Tomorrow I think I have to drive to exercise class!   Ack!  I have to get home by 9 am (9:15 at the latest if I shower at the gym) and I can't bike that fast.  Either that or go to the 6:30 am class but I think I'm too sleep deprived for that.   Actually I need to pick up a pair of kettle balls at the gym so I guess this will be my chance to do it.  But...a day without biking is a just not good.

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  1. "quack, quack". I miss the ducks! We hardly had any in DC, and there are none out here in the forest. There are lots of good things I like here (tassle-eared squirrels are way cool, and big as our cats), but I do miss the ducks!