Monday, August 3, 2009

Aug. 3

I'm back. I was gone one week, then back home last week but had a visitor and didn't bike much--we worked at home, and I was super busy so didn't blog. Some highlights from the last 2 weeks: I did finally get rained on one day last week, but it was a nice light rain and I had rain gear on and it was as enjoyable as any other day. Rain in the summer is nice because you don't get too cold or too hot. here's a picture of the clouds before it started raining:

Also, July was the coldest month on record. It never got above 82 degrees F! It was a very nice and sunny month. Yet it wasn't too dry because it rained at night several times, or during the day when I wasn't riding.

Today, on the other hand it got up to 84. It was a really nice day. It started out cloudy. I forgot to take a picture at the start of the bike path, but here's a mile up the path, crossing Starkweather creek:

and looking towards Olbrich park:

It was a cool 67 degrees F when I left at 7:55 am, dewpoint 62, so humid. Winds were 8 mph from the SW. When I returned home at 10:30 am, the temperature was 78 and winds 10 mph gusting to 16, from the SW. a lovely day.

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