Saturday, August 29, 2009

aug. 28

It was cloudy and cool, 59 F, at 7:50 am when I left. Winds from the north at 5 mph. the start of the bike path:

the sign sure takes a beating:

I saw some flowers I hadn't noticed before at the Atwood community gardens:

It cleared up nicely during my yoga class and turned out to be a lovely day. I got groceries on the way home after chatting with Kristin about my secret desires (okay I can't keep a secret: I want to become a hippie). temperature was 68 F, winds 8 mph from the NE when I finally got home at noon.

I headed out in the evening with the hopes of seeing Cycropia, the aerial dance theater, at the Orton park festival. It looked lovely out, but housemate said, check the radar. that showed convincingly that thunderstorms were quickly approaching. But I really wanted to see cycropia so I went anyway. The storms came right on schedule. Housemate picked me up at the co-op--she was heading that way anyway to meet me at the park.

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