Wednesday, August 12, 2009

aug 12

Today was a beautiful summer day. I'm glad I had to bike twice. First in the morning, I rode to yoga and grocery shopping. The temperature was 65 F, dewpoint 62, winds calm, so humid but I didn't notice. It was a beautiful morning:

and a lovely ride home after grocery shopping. By then temperature was 79, winds still calm. Then this evening I headed out at 5:42 pm which is really late to get to my church by 6 pm. So I boogied. I made it right on time, thanks to southerly winds, 8 mph. Temperature was 81. On the way home at 8 pm, the almanac says the temperature was 78 but it was definitely cooler on the bike path, which goes through low-lying areas. Winds were from the south at 6 mph but I didn't notice them either. A nice evening.

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