Thursday, August 27, 2009

aug. 26 & 27

I rode twice yesterday, which is good because I rode 0 today. I had a meeting in Watertown so drove the you-know-what today. yesterday was nice. at 7:55 am, temperature was 65 F, winds 8 from ENE. I wore long pants and sweater so was okay in the chilly air. Yes, I've accepted that it's Fall. I would have rather it waited until Sept. 1, but I'm okay with it now.

On my return at 11 am, I dawdled at the Yahara River. It looked summery still. Temperature was 72, winds 13 mph from the ENE, gusting to 17.

Then I was out for an evening meeting. It wasn't dark yet at the beginning of my meeting, 7 pm, but was at the end, 8:30 pm.

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