Tuesday, August 18, 2009

aug. 16-18

I've been biking a lot lately, just haven't had time to post.    Let's see, on Sunday, at 9:30 am, temperature was 74, winds from the south at 15 gusting to 20.  That was a tailwind.   oh, yeah, after church, I went to the co-op for a snack, then the gay pride parade.  then back to the co-op for grocery shopping, then home.  It was supposed to rain, 90% chance of thunderstorms, but it only sprinkled.  So no rain on the parade.  When I got home about 3 pm, temperature was 80, winds 11 mph from the SW, gusting to 25 mph.  I don't recall the gusts being a problem.  I guess it was mostly a tailwind until the last couple of miles.  then the last 1/2 mile was a headwind definitely.   I took picture but they are on a different computer that I don't have with my here in my hotel room.

Yesterday I went to exercise class and yoga and grocery shopping before settling down to a long day's and night's work.   Temperature was 70 F at 6:53 am when I hit the bike path, winds calm:

On the way home, temperature was still only 71 F, winds 5 mph from the NW.

Today was cooler, temperature 65 F at 6:53 am, winds west at 5 mph.  I forgot to snap a picture on the way to exercise class, but here is a shot at the start of my journey home.  This is also behind the gym and the site of today's torture (20 x 100 yard sprints):

Temperature was still a cool 68 F at 9 am, winds 6 mph from the WNW.  I took a detour home to drop off something at a friend's house.

And now my biking journey must end for 5 days as I hopped in the car to take a trip to the outskirts of Chicago.   I look forward to my return to the sane world of biking.

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