Saturday, August 15, 2009

aug. 14

Today I was fortunate to go on two rides. Unfortunately I got lost on the second and was late, but more on that later. For my morning ride, the temperature was 72 F, winds from the SSW at 10 when I left at 7:53 am. Here's the start of the bike path. yep, yet another gorgeous summer day.

On the return trip, loaded with groceries, the temperature was 78 F, winds still 10 mph from the SW. felt good.

Then I headed to the near-west side of town for a 7:30 pm lecture. It's directly across Lake Monona from my house so I decided to make a loop around the lake for the round trip. We have such great bike routes in this town. The road construction the last few years in Monona created a nice bike path on Winnequa and over the Yahara river bridge. Then I followed the lovely Wingra bike path into town. Man, what a great ride! Then I got cocky and said to myself, I remember this neighborhood, I used to live here 20 years ago, and instead of following my plan to ride up Mills St. to Mound St., I went along Lake Wingra to Vilas and got all turned around and went way out of my way, and was 10 minutes late for the lecture. I even left early to make sure I wouldn't be late! Oh well, it was at a yoga studio and everyone was sitting on the polished floor in their bare feet. After interrupting the class walking in the wrong door at the front of the lecture, and with my shoes on (a no-no), I went to the back of the room and laid down on the floor and rested for the first part of the lecture. Then I got my strength back up for the second half. By the end, I decided the guy was pretty cool, and I wished I could go to the weekend workshop he was giving.

On the ride home, I went a little out of my way to get to the Capital city trail, but I love that route, and from there, took my usual route home by the Monona Terrace, along the lake and back on the bike path after crossing the Yahara river. I decided I'd be willing to go to yoga classes at Mound street yoga studio because the bike ride is excellent. That is my litmus test.

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