Thursday, July 9, 2009

july 9

Today, I had three things to go to. It was 78 degrees F, winds 13 mph gusting to 18 from the S at 2 pm. It was mostly a tailwind so that was nice. Here's the start of the bike path:

Then it was off to exercise class, then off to a meeting. This was an interesting site on E. Wilson St. I looked it up when I got home. There was a reception party for the 20th Annual Pastors for Peace Caravan to Cuba.

I rode along the Yahara bike path to my meeting. I've raved before, but I just love this bike path. It bypasses busy streets and feels almost rustic. Here's where one segment cuts over to meet up with E. Johnson st, which I take.

I got home at 9 pm or so. Temperature was 73, winds 6 mph from the S. So I got more tailwinds than headwinds today, a good day.

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