Tuesday, July 14, 2009

July 14

Today I had several places to go. First was the dentist, yuck. 2 fillings and a crown. But I was pretty impressed with the work by both dentist and assistant. Temperature was 72, winds 13 mph from the south when I left at 1:20 pm. It was mostly cloudy and threatening rain but it never happened. Here's the start of the bike path:

There are even more flowers at the Atwood gardens than there were last week:

After the dentist, I had a work telecon to tune in to. So I stopped at the Capitol for that business. The benches are away from the street so the traffic noise was quieter. I also read some work stuff. There wasn't enough time to actually go to an office, like home or campus, so this worked fine, was nice actually.

Then I headed to the Monkey Bar Gym for my workout. Then to church for a meeting. Now the skies had cleared and it was very pleasant. Winds were up to 17 mph from the SE but it was mostly a crosswind. I got home at 9:20. Temperature was 71, winds back down to 13 mph from the SE.

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