Monday, July 13, 2009

July 13

Another gorgeous day. Temperature was 78 F, dewpoint only 50, winds variable at 6 mph. Here's the start of the bike path:

Someone stopped to ask for directions for getting downtown and I said that way, and she said, where are you going? and I said, downtown, so we rode together. Eventually I told her I have a blog where I log my daily bike ride and she said, what do you write about? I said, um, the weather, birds, flowers. I'll take your picture and put it on the blog if you want. She decided that wouldn't be too dangerous so here's Lydia (I think). She loves Madison like I do so she's blogworthy.

To be fair, I'll include a picture of myself. After exercise class, I met a friend at the terrace.

Then I went grocery shopping on the way home. Didn't get home until 9:20. The temperature on the way home was down to 64, winds calm. It was a peaceful ride by the lake.

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