Friday, July 17, 2009

july 16

Today the temperature was 74 F , winds 11 mph gusting to 26 mph from the West when I headed for exercise class. No wonder I was a little late. No problem, I just missed the start of the warmups and my 5 mile bike ride into the wind was a good enough warmup.

After class, the skies cleared, the air was very clear and it was a beautiful ride in the evening sun with a tailwind at my back. The temperature was 73, winds west at 9 gusting to 21, and dying down to 7 mph by the time I got home. It was particularly beautiful I thought. Here's eastwood ave:

Atwood gardens:

last leg of the bike path, almost to Dempsey:

I must be one of those people who sees the glass as half full. When I have a headwind on the way to my destination, I look forward to the tailwind on the way home. When I have a tailwind on my way to my destination, I don't have to hurry and can just go as slow as I want on my way home.

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