Monday, June 22, 2009

june 20 & 21

I didn't have time to post on the weekend.  Saturday was a glorious warm day.  Others may disagree with the "glorious" part, but after our long winter, I'm still loving the heat.   The temperature was 78 degrees F at 10:30 am (dewpoint 66 F, yes, I enjoy the humidity too!), winds 6 mph from the NW.  Here's the start of the bike path.

There always seems to be something in bloom.  Now the summer flowers are starting to bloom.  This is the prairie gardens across from the Atwood Community gardens.

After my work day at church I headed to the grocery store.  I love this route.  This is the Yahara bike path I take from Johnson street to Willy street.  Thank you city of Madison for building this route!   It tunnels under the major roads.  Here's E. Washington:

Here's my favorite reading spot near E. Main.

A turtle was swimming by a duck.  

When I headed home at 1:30 pm, it was 82 F, winds from the W at 8 mph.  I road along the lake.

Then yesterday, I did a repeat of Saturday's bike ride.   It didn't feel as warm because of clouds.  Temperature was 76 F at 9 am, winds 6 mph from the SE.  I like these light winds in summer.  My camera battery is dead and I can't find my charger, so there's no picture of the bike path. 

 At church someone mentioned seeing a flowering buckeye tree.  I asked what the heck is that and he said there is one on Johnson st. and it's the only flowering tree this time of year, and that's where the Ohio St. buckeye mascot comes from.   So I went to take a look and there it was.  I remembered I have a camera on my cell phone:

It pretty and tall and makes a lot of white flowers.  
After grocery shopping I headed home at about 2pm, temp was 81 F, winds 8 mph from the SE.  I rode along the lake again.  I looked for more buckeye trees and saw several at Olbrich gardens.  

Biking along Johns street, I came across the largest lawn ornament I've seen:

Almost home, riding up Major street I saw another buckeye tree.  They have big green leaves too.  So now I know what a buckeye tree is.

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