Thursday, June 18, 2009

jun 18

ah, warm and humid.   I bathed in the warm air and sun on my bike ride while wearing my shorts and t-shirt.  I finally sweated during my workout.  Everyone else thought it was too humid.  ahhhh.   felt good.   I left about 4:15 pm, the temperature was 80 degrees F, winds 10 mph from the south.   Dewpoint 66 F.  yeah! 

I guess I won't show the picture of the dead animal in Starkweather Creek.  Housemate would probably object.  I think it was a sea turtle.  how sad!  They are so cool.
I stopped at a friend's house on the way to the gym to drop off our dinner.   Then stopped off after the gym to eat it.   Yum.  
I headed home about 9 pm.  Temperature was 76 F, winds 10 mph from the SSE.  It was starting to get dark and was very peaceful on the bike path.  I wondered where the birds and animals headed home to at night.  

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