Saturday, June 6, 2009

June 5

Another fabulous June day.  Temperature was 77 F at 4:30 pm!    Winds were 10 mph gusting to 18 from the WNW so somewhat of a headwind.  But that just prolonged my time outside which is good.  Unfortunately our workout was inside and it was too hard, blech.  I hate kettleball jerks.   I had to go down in weight after the first 30 or so and use a medicine ball.   Anyway back to biking, here's the start of the bike path:

I brought my new camera with me today.  I love this camera.  However, it is kind of heavy around my shoulder, even without the telephoto lens.   Cardinals are so pretty against the blue sky and green leaves:

The peregrine falcon is in his/her nest every day when I bike by, looking inwards.  I wonder if the babies have hatched.

I love these poppies.  I'm gonna get me some of these:

Temperature was still 75 on my way home, nice!  Winds dropped down to under 5 mph so I didn't get payback for the headwind I had on the way out.  oh well.

I'm off to LA for a week so no biking, but will be walking lots.  

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