Wednesday, June 24, 2009

June 23

Yesterday I went to exercise class in the morning and I'm really glad for 2 reasons:  1) I got panicked in the afternoon preparing for a trip and wouldn't have made it to the gym, and 2) it got really hot in the afternoon, so the morning ride was more pleasant.  Though I do like the hot weather.

I'm at the airport right now and the network is too slow to upload images.  Plus I still can't find my battery charger so took crappy pictures with my cell phone; so it's no great loss to not have the pics,  even though there was a cute one.

The temperature was 70 F at 7 am, dewpoint 70 F!   Winds were calm.   It was sunny.  I do like the morning rides because there are so many active birds especially behind Olbrich gardens.   And there was a buckeye tree.  Now I know what those are (see yesterday's post).

I stopped at the grocery store on my way home and got home about 10 am.  Now the temperature was 85 degrees F, winds 6 mph from the SW.  I saw the coolest thing behind Olbrich gardens:  a mama green heron teaching her 3 babies to fly!   They had it pretty well figured out.  It was so cute.   I took a couple of pictures of the them.  I wished I'd brought the good camera.   Maybe I'll have to start taking it all the time.  

Now I'm at the O'Hare airport.  I'm going on vacation to a Health Getaway.   I'm told there are bike rentals so maybe I'll be biking this week but I think I'll be busy going to lectures and working out and eating good food and swimming at the beach.   back on July 2...


  1. Personally, I prefer temp. 75 F, dewpoint 35 F!

  2. and you are living in the right place for that!