Sunday, December 13, 2009

Dec. 13

This morning we had an ice coating on everything from the freezing rain. I wondered, does this mean I can't bike? Then I remembered riding last year in these conditions and the studded tires handling it fine. Sure enough, I had no problems with the ice. The problem was the slushy snow on some of the roads and all the cutouts (where the bike path crosses the roads). But it wasn't as much a problem for me as for the cars. I pushed a car to help it up a slight hill, and enjoyed the feeling of superiority!

The temperature was 32 F at 8:15 am, winds calm. Here's the start of the bike path:

There were a couple of roads that were in bad shape, maybe totalng 1/2 mile of the ride, as shown in this picture below. Which path should I take, the road or sidewalk?

I took the sidewalk!

But I still have to cross the road:

The temperature was still 32 F on my return ride home, winds 7 mph from the north.

I'm glad I rode my bike today because otherwise I was indoors all day.

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