Saturday, December 19, 2009

Dec. 16, 18

I biked on Wed, Dec. 16, to yoga class. The temperature was 3 F at 7:53 am, with calm winds. There were just a few clouds and it was a beautiful, chilly morning.

There were a few little birds flying around and chirping and I was wondering, how do they survive winter? My fingers were cold and I was anxiously awaiting the mittens I ordered. Wait until you see them...

I headed out of town on Wed, returned on Thursday night. Friday morning I biked to exercise class at 6:53 am. The start of the bike path:

The temperature was a balmy 26 F with winds 7 mph from the NNE. I returned home at 11 am. Temperature was 30 F, winds 13 mph from the ENE. With those studded tires on pavement and the headwind, it felt like I was riding in peanut butter.

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