Friday, December 11, 2009


Here are the layers I wore to bike in the cold weather (5 F). This isn't my coldest weather outfit.

I'm going to yoga class, so I'm wearing stretch pants and shirt; then thick wool socks and a wool hoodie sweater.

The hood is on, and a fleece sweater/jacket. So that's three layers on my torso, and one on the legs.

Coat, warm snow/ski pants, warm boots, liner gloves, and balaclava.

So that's now 2 layers on the legs, 4 layers on the torso, and 2 layers on the head.

Add a helmet (covered with a gortex cap, great for keeping rain and wind out!) and goggles (so 4 layers on the head?) and thick gloves (2 layers on the hands). The gloves are not warm enough. I just ordered a big pair of warm mittens (ugh, expensive too). I hope they do the trick. The goggles are amazing for warmth. A small part of my nose is exposed and this won't do if it gets any colder or windier. Too bad because this setup causes no fogging on my glasses or goggles. I have another face mask that covers my nose so that will come out soon.


  1. Please keep us posted on how your new mittens work for you. I have yet to find gloves or mittens that are warm enough. Friday I had to use hand warmers (reusable), but my thumbs still got painfully cold on my way in to work.

  2. I'll let you know! I'm getting a size too big so I can wear light gloves underneath. My theory is the bigger the better to allow my fingers to move and some insulating warm air in between my fingers and the outside layers.

  3. I like the goggles! I'm going to try that. I do have face exposure, even with the balaclava. I really do like your daily journals.

  4. Hi Tony, thanks! I've been looking at your blog too, and have linked to it. I used to live in Michigan (the UP) back in the 70s. The goggles are great. Here's a picture of the goggles and facemask with no exposed skin!


  5. Hi Barb,

    I'll pick up those goggles. You have been linked also.

    Safe Commuting,


  6. In that last one you look like you're ready for some riots! Just need a club to complete the picture. :-]