Sunday, October 4, 2009

Oct. 4

Today I got to ride the bike again! Even though I could barely walk last night, I could walk much better this morning. I wasn't sure I could ride though. We stayed in Cheyenne another day because the weather is going bad for a few days starting later today; so we decided to hike/bike today, then drive tomorrow. We planned to go to Vedauwoo recreational area and Curt Gowdy State Park.

Well, as we headed towards Vedauwoo on the interstate, climbing from 6060 ft in Cheyenne up to Veauwoo at 8200 ft, we entered the clouds. oh no. And there was mist and some rain and hail but not much. We figured we're hosed, but we decided to check it out anyway. Well, as it turned out, it was really nice! It was a little foggy, but that just kept everyone away so we had the place to ourselves. The trail was dry so I was encouraged that I could maybe bike it. We started off by walking the Turtle Walk trail. It's about 3 miles. Here's a few pictures from the hike. That's Marilyn in the pictures:

After the hike, I decided my knee is probably okay to ride it. It was a little sore but adrenaline trumps a sore knee when you are biking. And, like I said yesterday, it's just a bad bruise (not sprained muscles) so I don't think I injured it more by exercising it. Here I am at the start.

It's 31 degrees F, so I have 3 layers on my legs and 5 layers on top. Hey, I don't like being cold. I did get a little warm on the ride and that's how I like it. Fortunately I have lots of experience riding in winter in Wisconsin so I have the clothes.

Gail said the ride was too easy for us, but it was perfect for me with my fear of the clip-in pedals and hurt knee and going all by myself without a lot of experience. I wasn't as brave as I am when I have Gail guiding me, so I walked some things I know I could have ridden. But there were enough things I did right and powered through to encourage me. That's what keeps you coming back! I went a little longer on the trail doing a couple of extra spurs and trying to take a short cut that ended up being a longer route because I got a little lost. But that just meant more riding on fun trails so it was great. I saw some deer and chatted with them. It was a very fun day. And my knee is a wee bit more sore but it will heal over the next few days while we're in the car in the rain.

My bike is getting dirty so it's looking more like a real mountain bike.

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